Count Girard

Bar Owner


Elderly Human in his late 40s ( 48 )
Stands a stern 5’ 8’’ and solid ( 245 lbs )
Short dark greying hair with small streaks of white starting to show.
Pale blue eyes but you can tell that they were brilliant in his younger years.
His complexion is dark and skin wrinkling and weathered with a muscular build; you can guess he might have spent many years out on the sea.
Big burly white beard that shows more age than the mop on his head and the wrinkles in his face.


He has long since been retired from going on adventures and saving port cities from pirates and other invading forces. To keep his mind sharp and aid to others that he meets, he started his own tavern, the Adventurer’s Potion. Here adventurer’s are welcome to come for rest and a decent meal for a fair price. He even offers company to help relax in those most “stressful” instances. The Adventurer’s Potion is also a place to meet other adventurer’s to receive or give aid to one another, or for someone looking for an adventurer to help with a problem they are having.

For the most part, the patrons of the tavern are good folk, but every now and again they can be a rowdy bunch, with too much mead.

He is revered in this town, Sundol, to other adventuring groups because he gives other adventurers and military men, that he knows are honest, a discount whenever they come to see him.

He has an honest aura about him and is someone that you can trust.

Count Girard

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